Conscious Business Talkings I: With Ajit Nawalkha from Evercoach and Mindvalley

I’m so thrilled to opening this Conscious Business Talkings series with one of the most inspiring and successful conscious entrepreneurs I know.

Ajit Nawalkha is the founder of Evercoach and the one who catapulted Mindvalley to a movement that inspires millions. Following his human values has built an empire having a massive impact in the world.

He is with any doubt, a real example of how to grow a profitable business delivering transformational education for all ages.

In this interview, you will find a lot of little gems and insights that Ajit is sharing with all of us.

Enjoy and watch it till the end. It’s worth it!


  • 1:30 — The top 3 books have greatly influenced his life
  • 2:45 — Ajit talking about how understanding human values has impacted his life
  • 6:40 — Talking about failures and how we learn from it
  • 7:41 — Ajit talking about the limiting belief most Conscious Entrepreneurs have when it comes to Money & Spirituality.
  • 13:57 — Ajit explaining why is important to grow a conscious business that is aligned with human values and making this world a better place
  • 19:50 — Ajit explains what is the best advice he would have given to himself in his beginnings to save time, money and energy to grow a successful business
  • 21:18 — What Ajit would do if tomorrow would have nothing but $1,000 in his pocket
  • 22:55 — Ajit explaining what would be the right steps to grow a successful conscious business
  • 26:34 — Learn what Ajit does when he feels overwhelmed or unfocused.




The aim of these interviews is to inspire and guide people to grow a business that is aligned with their human values and contributing to making this world a better place. A business where the main goal is not to earn more and more but having a bigger impact.

This series will continue interviewing other successful conscious entrepreneurs and soon a non-profit book will be published with all of the contents, which will allow us to spread the message and have a bigger impact, as well as fundraising $1,000,000 for charity causes around the world.

For these reasons, please share this post with your friends and colleagues, and as well with other successful conscious entrepreneurs that might be interested in collaborating with this project.

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Andoni is the Founder of The Dharma Program, Business Mentor & Coach who is guiding Conscious People to start or grow a business that is aligned not only with their soul but with their life mission, contributing to making this world a better place.

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