How I made $900,000 in 10 days with my Conscious Business

Today I want to show you exactly how I make $900,000 in 10 days with 1,000 Subscribers

But let me tell you something first.

Lately, I have been receiving many emails from those “marketing gurus” with subjects like:

  • How this guy gets 5 million visitors per month
  • $578.000 Case Study
  • How I made $500.000 from one blog post
  • How I created a 7-figure business in 12 months

Those subjects are actually real, I have all of them in my inbox.

And when someone wants to grow a business and make money, they think that they are going to get these results too. They end up buying some course and not getting anything close to a similar result of what they expected. Actually, you will be wasting your time and money if you hope to reach what they announce proudly in their blog posts and emails.

Numbers are working more on the psychological side.

But I’m starting to get really annoyed about numbers that are not reflecting the realities of someone who is just starting out with a business.

It’s simply not ethical. It’s not fair.

So you want to know exactly how I make $900,000 in 10 days with a list of 1,000 subscribers?

I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not going to tell you exactly that.

Instead, I’m going to tell you what to do to feel proud of yourself and have a business that is fulfilling to you, not because you reach 7-figures, but because your heart is fulfilled. Even better, it gives you all the financial freedom you need, but not more. Not in the typical American way of having more zeros in your bank account!

Because it is so easy to say!

I can add as many zeros I want… Last month I sold$1,000,000 or maybe was a bit more…? $10,000,000 — Oh yes! that sounds much better! 🙂

Let’s be honest, guys.

If you don’t have a solid business yet, if you don’t have a clear strategy, if you are not dedicating your life towards fulfilling your heart, and only your pocket, you will never reach that level.

And if you do, it will not make you happier than you are right now. Actually, you will feel more miserable.

Because it’s not all about numbers. What about your feelings?

Can you stop and think about how do you feel when you are helping someone, like a grandma crossing the street, without expecting anything in return?

Is that feeling not beautiful?

If you are a conscious person, you know there is not a big difference between earning 6-figures or 7-figures. Because your happiness doesn’t depend on that.

If you want to feel rich, you must start doing the things you feel passionate about. And make a profitable business out of them.

This world needs transformational products, not “marketing products”. Because you don’t only want to sell and sell more… You want to spread your message, to have an impact, to make others happier.

And the problem is that when you focus only on reaching 7-figures in one year, you forget about your essence and you become just a selfish guy trying to get that as if nothing else matters.

If you want to to get $2MM, you have to start from the beginning. From getting all of your clarity, having strategies in place, feeling fulfilled about your career, making others happier, and contributing to making this world a better place.

Once you reach that, it doesn’t matter if you are earning $10.000 or $100,000 a month, your level of happiness will be at the same place.

So stop reading these stupid articles or emails with numbers and more numbers. And start taking action.

That’s why I created the Free Masterclass: 5 Steps to a Successful Conscious Business.

Where the meaning of Successful it’s not only to have financial freedom, but feeling proud about what you are doing and how you are doing.

See you there!

With Love,
– Andoni

About Andoni Silva

Andoni is the Founder of The Dharma Program, Business Mentor & Coach who is guiding Conscious People to start or grow a business that is aligned not only with their soul but with their life mission, contributing to making this world a better place.

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